MASS-SET Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1970 in Tokyo. MASS-SET is one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of educational playthings and equipment for the kindergarten and nursery school markets in Japan.
In order to enhance the Mass-Set products line, MASS-SET imports unique, high-quality, and competitively priced products from manufucturers from various parts of the world.
We have large warehouses in Tokyo, Chiba, and Ibaraki prefectures to provide immediate delivery of imported and domestic products to domestic customers.
Our product range includes children’s tables, chairs, and cabinets, as well as educational materials, including such items as toys and blocks and playground equipment.

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Please send detailed information such as catalogs, samples, and price lists to our main offices in Tokyo. Thank you for your interest in Mass-Set Co., Ltd.

25-17, 2-Chome, Shimane, Adachi-Ku,
Tokyo 121-0815, Japan
Phone: 81-3-3858-8111
Facsimile: 81-3-3850-1049

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Quality Management System Standard (ISO 9001:2015)

Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certification Mass-Set’s motto is:
To provide children all over the world with reliable and high-quality products, as well as environmentally friendly products. Today it is extremely important for companies to earn customer confidence and satisfaction.
In accordance with ISO’s Quality Management System, we will continue to strive to improve and maintain total quality of all processes, development, design, production, sales, and after-sales service and at the same time being mindful of significant environmental impacts and impact control measures.

Acquisition of ISO 9001

Scope of Registration
Design, Development and Manufacture of Children’s and Pre-School Furniture, including Tables Chairs and Playground Equipment; Child Care Products; Educational Materials; Sporting Goods and Equipment; Children’s Vehicles; and Procurement, Storage and Sales of outsourced products.